Stager’s Tip#1 – Why Institute a Bill of Lading?


We all can get caught up and revved up when doing a stage so much to do and so little time, that we sometimes want to skip a few steps in our procedures cause, really what can really happen and it will save me time.  Well,  let me tell you a lot could happen, maybe will never happen but if it does happens it can be devastating and cause you many more hours and out of pocket expense to resolve. web whois Read The Sofa Experience for more details on my particular experience.

I wanted to share some tips that can maybe save you the headache I faced for all your future jobs.

  1. Institute a Bill of Lading to show a pre and post inspection of the furnishings and accessories.
  2. Take pictures of furniture setup and condition of items, and of any particular damage noticed at the installation to keep with your file for take down time.  If you are renting your furniture from Wow Factor, please notify us right away if any damage is noticed.
  3. Have the client or owner present to do a pre-inspection walk through to sign off on the condition of the furnishings and accessories.
  4. Upon take down have the client present to so the post inspection before the furniture and accessories are loaded on the truck.

This way if later on it is denied and said it came that way you have proof of the condition when it was dropped off.

May take a bit more time but with the money you will save on missing and damaged goods could far outweigh the time it takes to save you money and protect your assets. to avoid a fracturing of the client relationship.

Have you ever had this happen to you?  How did you correct it and resolve the issue?




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