Staging Your Home: All About First Impressions


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First Impressions

If you’ve ever been on a blind date – or any date at all, for that matter – you know that first impressions are everything. The same goes for when you want to stage your home. The style and overall personality of your property must show through in spades to ensure immediate viewings, multiple offers, and, ultimately, a sale.


It’s All In The Details

When you style a show home, a brand new condo development, or a luxury townhouse complex, it’s all in the details. Before you hire any staging company or interior designer, make sure you check their references and view their portfolios. As a realtor, property developer, or homeowner, it’s absolutely imperative that you find an experienced stager who understands your target market’s psychographics, has access to high-quality furnishings, and is able to help you shop for hard finishes like countertops, luxury light fixtures, and flooring to ensure you get the best possible stage.


Curb Appeal

Whenever our team stages a home, we know the design has to evoke a positive emotional response and bring to mind feelings of comfort and belonging in the eyes of buyers. A stager’s job is to help the client envision themselves in your property. Whether they view your home through simple MLS galleries, fancy virtual tours, or onsite at a showing, the end goal is the same – to encourage viewings and close a sale quickly and cost-effectively.


For all the latest and greatest news in the staging and interior design industry, visit our blog and visit it often – you never know when we might feature a massive sale at our warehouse or display a job that would speak perfectly to your property and target market. See you soon!

– Shirley

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