The Sofa Experience


Sofa Damage Close Up

The Sofa Experience

It started out as a usual job running around coordinating all the elements needed to pull off a successful stage.  Setting up furniture, hanging art work and placing all the little touches, making the property feel like a home.  It was a great success and the property was shown and the end result was positive and the house sold.  Great! wonderful now comes the take down which can be just as time sensitive and hectic, packing everything up and making sure to leave the house clean for the client & new owner.

The staging assistant and delivery truck arrive and things start to get packed up and loaded up.  Just as the stager and delivery guy go to pick up the beautiful, white leather sofa they discover a jaggett cut, not a tear, not on the seam, right on the bottom qu

How to you prove who did this without effecting the client relationship. secure web browsing relevant domains .

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